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Wealth Creation Equity Investing

Investing for Wealth Creation vs Wealth Planning

Early on in my career I realized the process of investing for Wealth Creation was markedly different from the process of investing for Wealth Management.
Most investment firms encourage their advisors to build a practice that helps those with excess capital now to preserve it, grow it, diversify it, insure it and eventually pass it on.  Wealth Managers generally use all the same tools, they may have different names, however this often results in a similar experience for investors regardless of the firm they chose to work with. I am not suggesting that traditional Wealth Management is bad, in fact just the opposite. It has been widely documented that individuals and families that employ a good Wealth Manager are far more likely to realize their finanial goals than those who do not work with a professional.
The truth however is that managing the wealth you already have is a far different exercise than creating wealth in the first place.
Most Canadians only truly create wealth through:
  • The ownership and long-term increase in value of personal real estate property.
  • Possessing highly valued skills obtained through education or after years of experience.
  • Owning a private business.
Wealth Creation is a direct result of Value Creation. Our decades of experience in wealth creation investing is truly unique in the industry. We provide investors with access to offerings that aim to create value and thereby create wealth.
We are different because we see Wealth Creation and Wealth Planning as partners, with each having something to contribute to our client’s complete financial picture. We help you find the correct balance and most importantly maintain that balance to avoid the behavioral bias inherent in wealth creation investing.
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