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Wealth Planning

The reality today is most Canadian households are not in a position where they can simply focus on protecting the pile money they already have.
Our Wealth Planning process strikes a balance between living today and planning for the long term.  In our detailed discovery consultations we work directly with you to carefully examine your unique situation, determine where you want to be and then we help you design the ideal plan to achieve your goals.
Watson Strategic Investments views Wealth Planning and Wealth Creation as partner strategies, each having its own job to do. We work with each client individually to achieve the optimum balance between growing capital and preserving it. 
We act as a financial coach, advising our clients in all areas such as efficient lifestyle spending, and saving for retirement or children's college.  We also help our clients navigate the complicated waters of estate planning, wealth transfer, asset protection and charitable giving.
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Wealth Management Consultative process


Estate Planning

Financial Planning