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Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)


A separately managed account is discretionary investment portfolio which combines exceptional investment management with direct ownership of individual securities. It features professional institutional portfolio/pension managers, and multi-style, multi-region diversification, comparable to the way pension funds and endowments invest.
SMAs are commonly utilized by discerning retail investors who want to partner with a professional money manager to focus on a single, customized investing objective.  Through our bespoke discovery process we help our clients chose the correct asset mix, style, and SMA manager(s) to meet their most important goals.  

Key Takeaways

  • Separately Managed Accounts or SMA’s have many benefits for the retail investor.
  • An SMA is a portfolio of assets managed by a professional pension style manager who is in charge of making investment decisions on a day-to-day basis.
  • SMA’s offer retail investors the opportunity to invest with professional pension style managers that normally work with just the largest institutional clients.
  • SMA’s offer significant customization in investment strategy, approach and management style to ensure you achieve the goals established by you and your advisor.
  • In a Separately Managed Account, funds are not pooled with the investments of others like they are, in a mutual fund or ETF, providing the SMA investor with additional tax advantages.
  • The portfolio manager is a professional, supported by his investment firm a team expert analysts, strategists and traders.
  • Having discretionary authority over the account, the dedicated manager actively makes investment decisions the based on the specific investment mandate of the SMA.

Our manager oversight & due diligence team ensures that only the best in class managers are selected as part of the Investment Counseling Program. We believe SMA portfolios allow for greater lifestyle focus and a superior client experience as day-to-day management decisions are made by a professional investment manager.