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Focused Equity

We seek to generate strong returns on a risk adjusted basis with below market risk. We aim to own 30-35 holdings which are selected based on their value, quality and momentum characteristics. We expect it to be a low turn over portfolio offering a tax efficient solution for our clients. Our target holding period is estimated to be about 2-3 years for each position. 
A focused Equity also known as a Focus fund is a mutual fund that holds a only relatively small variety of stocks or bonds that are similar along some dimension. By definition, a focused mutual fund focuses on a limited number stocks in a limited number of sectors, rather than holding a broad or diversified mix of positions. Focused funds tend to hold positions in roughly 20-30 companies or less, unlike many funds which hold positions in well more than 100 companies.


  1. Strong Returns
  2.  Strong risk Adjustments
  3. Below Market risk by focusing on value, quality momentum