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What is a Fee-Based Account

A Fee-Based Account provides clients with a non‐discretionary fee-based investment option that allows you to negotiate fees for your service as their Investment Advisor. The Complete Canaccord Fee-Based Account is not designed for highly active traders, but rather is best suited to moderately active investors who plan to stay with their investment strategy for many years. It appeals to those clients who value a disciplined and traditional full‐service approach but wish to pay a recurring fee that is tied to account value, not account activity.

Benefits Include:

  • Provides clients with a specified number of commission-free trades based on the value of the Fee-Based household. This allows clients to execute their investment strategy with greater precision and confidence.
  • Freedom to execute your client’s investment strategy without concern for additional costs.
  • Fee flexibility based on asset levels and asset class. The flat quarterly or monthly fee is based on the assets invested in the Fee-Based household.
  • Annual fee summaries for non-registered accounts that may be tax deductible (clients should consult their tax professional for further information).
  • Access to a complete range of investment products including cash & equivalents, equities, fixed income securities, mutual funds and hedge funds.

Suitable for Clients Who:

  • Have $100,000 or more in investable assets
  • Are moderately active investors with a long term focus
  • Prefer to pay a known fixed rate for their investment services
  • Would like to take advantage of a complete investment services offering
  • Want to separate their investment decision from the cost considerations
  • Would like to take advantage of potential tax saving opportunities